AR Basics: Home-Defense Carbine Considerations

Posted by Tiger McKee on Mar 20th 2018

There are some specific factors in play when choosing an AR for home defense. Here’s what to consider.What sort of AR do you need for home defense?When choosing a firearm for home defense, there are a … read more

California Supreme Court to rule on gun law

Posted by By Bob Egelko, on Mar 23rd 2017

03/23/17 - California Supreme Court to rule on gun lawThe state Supreme Court agreed Wednesday to decide whether gun manufacturers have the right to challenge a California law requiring identifying mi … read more

House Bills could loosen gun laws

Posted by By Beth Velliquette, on Mar 23rd 2017

Several bills have been introduced in the N.C. House that could remove restrictions on gun purchases and carrying a concealed weapon.One of the latest, House Bill 201, called the N.C. Constitutional C … read more