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Action Alert! Has Legislative Leadership caved to anti-rights pressure?

Posted by Arizona Citizens Defense League on

Shortly after Americans for Responsible Solutions visited Arizona bragging about a war chest of $15 Million to spend on legislators supporting their anti-rights agenda, the progress of two significant pro-rights gun bills, HB 2287 and SB 1159 ground to a halt. Coincidence?... 

After HB 2287 passed out of the House, followed by a "Do Pass" recommendation from the Senate Government committee, Senate President Steve Yarbrough suddenly declared that "The Senate is not going to consider this bill" in an interview with the Arizona Republic. And, as the Chairman of the Senate Rules committee, he will not let the bill be heard by his committee. When did the Senate become a dictatorship?

HB 2287 would amend "Shannon's Law" that was passed 17 years ago after the tragic death of a teenager killed by celebratory gunfire. The stated purpose of the law was to punish people who recklessly fired their guns in the air without considering the consequences of their actions. Unfortunately the requirement for a conviction under Shannon's Law is the low standard of "criminal negligence" which allows prosecutors to categorize virtually every accidental or negligent firearms discharge as a Class 6 felony. HB 2287 would change the requirement to "intentionally, knowingly or recklessly" discharging a firearm, in keeping with the original intent of the law.

SB 1159 cleared the Senate and was followed by a "Do Pass" recommendation from the House Judiciary and Public Safety committee. The bill is now sitting in the House Rules committee which, apparently at the behest of the House Leadership, will not schedule SB 1159 for a review. When did the House become an oligarchy where a few dictate to the many?

SB 1159 protects property owners from liability if they respect people's fundamental right of self-defense. Under current law, property owners who prevent people from lawfully exercising their right to keep and bear arms face possible lawsuits for their dangerous and potentially negligent attempt to deny a person's civil rights should they become a victim of an attack while on the property. That will remain true if this bill passes. However, if a property owner does not prevent people from exercising their right to keep and bear arms; this bill would protect the property owner from being held liable for other people misusing firearms on their property, unless the property owner was grossly negligent or intended to cause harm.

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