Apex Grade Gunsmith Fit 40/9 Conversion Barrel M&P - 4.25”

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What It Does 
The Mk 1 Apex Grade Gunsmith Fit 40/9 Conversion Barrel is designed for the 40S&W Smith & Wesson M&P. The barrel is NOT drop-in and requires fitting by a competent gunsmith. The stainless steel barrel features a 1:10” twist rate. The design increases accuracy performance making the M&P capable of shooting as small as a 1-inch grouping at 25 yards. Accuracy test results based on use of a mechanical rest. Final results may vary based on shooter ability, ammunition selection and variations in factory firearm tolerances.

Expected Results 
– Direct replacement of factory 4.25" barrel 
– Converts .40S&W pistol to 9mm
– Improves accuracy 
– Optimal performance seen with bullet weights of 115gr. through 147gr. using 9mm jacketed ammunition 
– Requires fitting by a competent gunsmith 
– NOTE: As with all conversion barrels, shooter may experience erratic ejection patterns due to light or low velocity rounds

Applicable To What Gun(s) 
Works with all Smith & Wesson .40S&W M&P pistols, including the M&P M2.0, requiring a 4.25” barrel.

In The Package 
1 ea. Mk 1 Apex Grade Gunsmith Fit 40/9 Conversion Barrel - 4.25"