Apex Heavy Duty Striker for FN 509 Pistols

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Products included: 1 ea. (1 piece in the package) 

A) Apex Heavy Duty Striker for FN 509 

What It Does: 

The Apex Heavy Duty Striker for the FN 509 is a direct drop-in replacement option for customers with FN 509 and FNS series pistols. The striker is machined from a billet of stainless steel and heat treated for enhanced durability. 

Expected Results: 

1) Direct drop-in replacement of FN 509, FNS, FNS Longslide and FNS Compact striker 

2) Requires the following factory striker components: striker spring stop, striker spring stop pin, 

striker return spring and striker spring guide. 

Applicable to What Gun(s): 

 Works on all currently available FN 509 models including the Midsize and Tactical 

 Works in all FNS, FNS Longslide and FNS-Compact