L2 - Light-Compatible Liberator

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An affordable holster option for the masses!

Named after the Liberator Pistols from WWII, which were designed to be simple, effective and easily produced, the Liberator holster will provide you with an affordable semi-custom holster solution for IWB and OWB carry. Liberator holsters are available in IWB and OWB configurations, however for OWB we strongly recommend you take a look at our Warrior Holster.  The IWB and OWB specific versions will provide a more streamlined and compact, yet highly effective design. Made out of sturdy 0.08" Kydex and using injection molded belt clips, these holsters are ideal for quick range trips and everyday carry. The mounting hole pattern on the holster will allow for multiple ride height and cant adjustments to more finely tune how the holster

*Due to holster design, we cannot make Liberators for certain pistol models. If your pistol is not listed above, please feel free to contact us to discuss holster options for your pistol.*



-Lightweight, durable kydex

-Simple, robust, proven design

-Flared front edges and taller sweatguards

-Adjustable retention