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Poly 80 frame completion kit 9mm G17/G34

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$3.00 (Fixed Shipping Cost)
New OEM Glock Gen 3, 3 pin lower parts kit in 9MM. Includes all frame parts needed to complete a Polymer 80 / Spectre.
Factory OEM Glock parts included in this kit:
  • SP00322 - Glock OEM Trigger with Trigger Bar
  • SP00322 - Glock OEM Trigger Mechanism Housing with Ejector
  • SP00343 - Glock OEM 5LB. Trigger Connector
  • SP00350 - Glock OEM Trigger Spring
  • SP02919 - Glock OEM Slide Release Lever
  • SP00287 - Glock OEM Magazine Release
  • SP00280 - Glock OEM Magazine Release Spring
  • SP00301 - Glock OEM Slide Lock
  • SP05446 - Glock OEM Slide Lock Spring
  • SP00420 - Glock OEM Trigger Pin
  • SP00427 - Glock OEM Trigger Housing Pin
  • SP04368 - Glock OEM Locking Block Pin