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The Legal stuff-Please read first.

The Legal Stuff-updated 6.11.2020

Please read this entire page and ask any questions before placing an order.




Pricing is subject to change with or without notice. If pricing changes, this does not constitute  a refund to buyer due to a sale or price reduction we initiated, regardless of when you purchased the item. If you have any questions on this, please Contact us .


Product Warranties


All new guns and accessories are warranted by their respective manufacturers ONLY. All repair and replacement work will be honored by them. All guns we sell are BRAND NEW IN BOX (unless otherwise stated) and HAVE FULL MANUFACTURERS WARRANTIES. We will work with each customer to ensure they are able to take advantage of the manufacturer's warranty, but we do not warranty guns ourselves.  If you have any questions on this, please Contact us


One (1) Year Limited Warranty


legion Precision is confident that every Legion Precision product and component is manufactured in accordance with the highest levels of quality, design and workmanship. Legion Precision provides a limited warranty as to manufacturing defects for a period of one (1) year from date of purchase for purchasers that Legion Precision considers to be “private” purchasers. Under these limited warranty provisions, Legion Precision may repair or replace any product that is determined by Legion Precision to have a defect so long as such product replacement is in keeping with the terms of the Agreement. All warranty and/or covered defect determinations are within the sole discretion of Legion Precision. To be eligible, the original purchaser must present: proof of purchase, prepaid shipping (where applicable), a sales receipt to the factory, and a Return Verification Number obtained from Legion Precision Customer Service or original retailer from which the Product was purchased. Modifications to Legion Precision Products in any manner, other than those expressed or implied by Legion Precision, in written form or the firing of hand-loaded, reloaded, re-manufactured or improper ammunition, instantly void this limited warranty. In the event of a warranty claim by any Purchaser, the Legion Precision product or component must be inspected by Legion Precision to determine the validity of the claim prior to honoring this warranty. In conjunction with this inspection, Legion Precision may also request other parts and components, as well as the handgun(s) in question. No other entity is qualified or validated by Legion Precision without Legion Precision's express written approval to determine a defect, for warranty purposes, of any product or component designed, created, or manufactured by or for Legion Precision.



Terms and Conditions


We do not accept trades as partial payments. All sales are final. Order value greater than $500.00 are subject to a 3.5% cancellation fee.




On returned checks you will be charged a $50.00. We  accept Credit Cards, please Click on to complete your purchase with Credit Card or Debit card.

If you have any questions on this, please Contact us .

Sales Tax


We are required to collect sales tax for Arizona residents. We are not required to collect sales tax for any other state. If you have any questions on this, please Contact us .

Buyer Responsibility


It is the buyer’s responsibility to ensure they can legally purchase a firearm. No refunds given to buyer in the event they can not complete the transaction or if the firearm is not transferable. We do not sale firearms, ammunition, and  high capacity mags to the following locations: California ( no hi cap mags, no ammunition), Maryland(no firearms, no hi cap mags, no ammunition),Connecticut(no firearms, no hi cap mags, no ammunition), Washington DC(no firearms, no hi cap mags, no ammunition), New Jersey(no firearms, no hi cap mags, no ammunition), New York(no firearms, no hi cap mags, no ammunition), Colorado(no hi cap mags) and Cook County, Illinois(no firearms, no hi cap mags, no ammunition).  If you have any questions on this, please Contact us .


Shipping and Handling


6.11.2020 Please allow 72 hours or the lead time listed on our home page for the item to ship. If we can ship sooner we will. All purchases must ship to the billing address - NO EXCEPTIONS!

Firearms must ship to your FFL Buyer to obtain copy of FFL or have the FFL email a copy of the license to "".


Firearms ship at a flat rate of $35.00 including insurance. If a customer sends a firearm for services, customer pays for return shipping and insurance. If you have any questions on the cost associated with the return shipping, please contact us before shipping your firearm to us.

All firearms sold can only be shipped to a FFL holder. Firearms shipped from the customer for services like cerakote, we can ship the firearm back to you without needing a FFL involved. Please note, customer shipping firearms to us for services, can only ship the firearm via UPS or FedEx next day air. Only FFL holders can ship the firearm back to customers via USPS. Please download our FFL and advise UPS or FedEx that you are shipping the firearm for gunsmith services. If you are shipping a complete firearm, please include a copy of your driver's licence.

As of 3-11-16, we are registered with the California DOJ and can ship and receive items from California. If you have any questions on this, please Contact us. 


If you have any questions on this, please Contact us .


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